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Breast/Chest Feeding Workshop

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Thank you for your interest in our breast/chest feeding workshop!


Please note that you are not registered until we receive a referral from your primary care provider and you have received confirmation of registration from our MOA. You will receive the exact time and location of upcoming classes once you are confirmed to be registered.

This class is covered by MSP for BC residents. If you do not have MSP coverage, please contact our office - there are usually scholarships available.

We welcome families of all genders, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, shapes, and sizes. We strive to create a safe space and use inclusive language.

The workshop is 2 hrs long and takes place in-person only. Masks are required.


  • how milk is made and how your milk supply works

  • what to expect in the first days and weeks of your feeding journey

  • basics of latch and positioning

  • intro to feeding supplies (e.g. pumps, shields, pillows, and creams, etc.): how to know what you might need and what you probably don't

  • how your partner or support people can help 

To Register:

At your next routine visit with your care provider, you can request a referral to our program. Clients at Sage Midwives can call or email the clinic for registration. Your care provider's office can request a referral form from our office or they can send a simple letter referring you to the Breast/chest feeding Workshop.

Once we have received your referral, our MOA will contact you with further details on upcoming classes. 

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