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Do you require a form filled out or a specific letter written?

Sage Community Midwives requires seven (7) days notice of any requests for notes, forms, or letters pertaining to your pregnancy. As these are non-insured services, and not covered by MSP, we have implemented an affordable fee schedule for these requests. It is not our intention to profit from our clients but meant to recoup the costs associated with your midwives and administrations time to complete your request.

If a doctor is managing the medical concern for which you are off work, this doctor, or the practitioner responsible for follow-up should be seen for any off work letter requests. Your midwife is unable to write a letter for any medical concerns for which she is not providing care or is not the provider responsible for follow-up.

Insurance - Short (1-2 pages) $40.00

Insurance - Long (3+ pages) $50.00

Notes for missed work/school $10.00

Letter with medical advice $40.00

Transfer/Request for Records $40.00

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